Meet our people


Peter Magarey B Ag Sc (Hons), OAM
Directing Co-founder
Peter Magarey has been a Plant Pathologist in Loxton, South Australia since 1976. He was a Senior Plant Pathologist with the South Australian Government initially with the SA Department of Agriculture and its subsequently named Research and Development Institute (SARDI) for 33 years before establishing his own research and consultancy business, Magarey Plant Pathology in 2009.

For the past 25 years, Peter has provided the pathology for the successful industry-operated CropWatch disease and pest management system that alerts growers of the risk of downy mildew and provides management options for both downy and powdery mildew and the other diseases and pests of grapes. Peter is also the directing Co-founder of GrowCare, an on-line disease and pest management service for grape and almond growers around Australia.


Justin Dixon Dip LIM Surveying
GIS Analyst & Co-founder

Justin Dixon has experience in the public, private and local government sectors and has developed large skill base and an extensive network of contacts within the mapping and spatial services industry. Prior to establishing Mapping Services Australia, Justin was the Executive Manager of the SA Murray Darling Basin Resource Information Centre and worked for Primary Industries and Resources SA in their horticulture and viticulture department. 


Mike Western B Electrical Eng.
Electronic Engineer & Co-founder

Mike Western, the son of a grape grower from Berri, South Australia, trained in electronic design and established his own business, Western Electronic Design. Mike designed a low-cost weather station, the Model T MetStation with ability to process weather data to determine downy mildew infection events for easy access by grape growers. Subsequently, Mike has provided valuable guidance in the establishment of GrowCare as an easy-to-use system to utilize weather data via on-line links to a computer-based simulator of downy mildew.


Eric Love B Sc (Ma & Comp Sc)
Software Developer

Eric Love is a software developer in Adelaide. He has been making software for 30 years variously as student, hobbyist, employee or freelancer, including 10 years with Alltraders, an Adelaide software company. He created and maintains the software within this site that gathers and displays weather data and performs disease modelling.