Disease modelling and alerts

Disease modelling and alerts

The GrowCare system is programmed with epidemiological models for a number of crop diseases:

  • Downy mildrew - primary and secondary infections (grapes)
  • Bunch rot - flower infection and fruit infection (grapes)
  • Rust (almonds and stone fruit)
  • Brown rot (stone fruit)

Every hour, for every regional network weather station, GrowCare runs a calculation on the weather data recorded at that station to estimate whether an infection event was likely.

For subscribers, when the system determines from your local weather station that there was a high likelihood of an infection relevant to your crop type, if you have selected this as an option, GrowCare will send you an email and an SMS to alert you of this risk. If the calculated infection event occurs after 9pm, the email will be sent as normal but to avoid disrupting you, the SMS will be withheld until 7am the next day. In following few days, GrowCare personnel will look over the data and if appropriate, will send you a GrowCare message with additional disease alert and disease management information. On the "All Settings" page you can specify which Automated Weather Station(s), crop type and diseases you want the alerts for, and your mobile phone number if you want SMS alerts. Note: the SMSs come automatically from the GrowCare system rather than a monitored number so, do not reply to them.

Click on 'Disease modelling' on the left menu to see a summary list of infection events for the whole season. On this page you can switch betwen different stations, different seasons and different diseases (change the crop type to see diseases of a different crop type).

We currently only use data from a regional network station in our modelling. This is because most of our disease models rely on processing leaf wetness data and the other AWS, including the Bureau of Meteorology stations, usually lack a leaf wetness sensor.